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Harry Potter Slot Machine


Could it be true? The magic is spreading to German online casino Casino Classic as well as French casino en ligne Golden Tiger Casino. Rumors have been circulating at Hogwarts that a Harry Potter themed slot machine is in the works and it will be bringing some magical gameplay to online casino lovers. Luxury Casino have expressed interest that one of their French casinos en ligne and a German online casino would as well be interested in the game. Once the game will be released you would be able to find it under the section online casino spiele in the German casino or at Yukon gold casino, the german version of the famous casino. Luxury Casino is also available in Japan – ラグジュアリーカジノ

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Top Slot games Based on Books


In current years, the famous online slot machines have taken off tremendously. Along with Penny Slots, Book based slot games are among the most successful in this genre, attracting different players from different places- from online slots players to movie buffs to comic book fans. The group of games, developed by Playtech includes The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and X-Men slots. Each game provides these players with a chance to become immersed in a fictional world, either basing their design on the original comic books. The games also offer players the unique chance to play skill-based bonus rounds. If you are keen to play with your favourite heroes and make some cash, then is for you!

The comic book world seems to have proved very popular with the designers of video slot machines. They are a visible source of ideas, providing bright, static graphics of the kind you get on a slot, plus their adventures can easily be the source for inspiring good bonus games. The many heroes of Marvel Comics have made their way as casino slots, either live or online. The Amazing

Spiderman has proved to be a favorite spot, and graphically it bears much more resemblance to the comics than any films or TV adaptations, with that air of menace and darkness that
surrounded Spiderman compared to the more anodyne way he was portrayed on screen.

The Incredible Hulk slot is also similar. The slot machine games as part of the bonus see the hulk tear away reels very menacingly, and the bonus game is good violent fun. The Marvel Comics slots also seem to offer great jackpots, with them often linked together in different progressive jackpot combination to provide monster prizes. The Fantastic Four and Thor, based on the comics, also have slots, with the Human Torch graphics particularly
impressive. From what we’ve heard, Microgaming is currently working on a Incredible Hulk slot game, coming out pretty soon! Don’t miss the latest news, our little finger says it could be available at Yukon Gold Casino reviews among other new releases!

Hellboy, the favorite Mike Mignola character has also been transformed into a slot game. This caused a certain amount of surprise among fans of the comics, who thought it was too cultish and obscure to turn into a favorite slot. How wrong they were!

DC Comics have also had a couple of their characters adapted to make slots – Batman and the always delicious Wonder Woman. The designers have done an excellent job on the bonus games here, with Wonder Woman vaporizing a whole range of foes.
Book of Ra online also offers excellent bonus features. As what most casino playing websites offer their players, some bonuses can be acquired for a specific deposit you make to play the play. Whenever you deposit money on your game account, you will get bonuses that can increase game money which will provide the chance for you to play and enjoy more. There is also a need to acquire downloadable software that will support and let you play the game online. With its online version, you get to view it in full screen and experience.

Trying the book based slot machine, you can bring across the fun to yourself at any point. You and your friends cant take an opportunity on lady luck, and you might not know with the help of Spiderman you might be able to learn how to win more at slot machines.…

Harry Potter by J. K Rowling : Our Book Reviews


The Harry Potter books are incredibly popular; and so are the Twilight books. But many people tend to argue that the two franchises are popular for two very different reasons. For instance, although the two book series center around teenagers and fantasy magical powers, Harry Potter is generally considered the more compelling literary accomplishment. But since both are highly popular teen fantasy series, it is worth taking a closer look at how the two book franchises compare.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer vs Harry Potter by J. K Rowling : Our Book Reviews

Harry Potter Gets More Positive Reviews
The thematic depth in the Harry Potter series, although its popularity is comparable to that of the Twilight series, has often made it earn more critical acclaim. However, one thing is true of both Twilight and Harry Potter – both have vast fan bases. It is just that Twilight seems to have a greater number of critics in comparison to Harry Potter. Make sure you read many reviews before picking up your book(s). Reading reviews is nowadays very easy as these are available everywhere and for any type of products, activities and more. You can even find online casino reviews. In its article, onlinecasinoreviewscanada review grand mondial casino for example. Take a look and see what a good review is!

Harry Potter Has a Stronger Story
Major issues affecting how the books are perceived are evident in the way certain characters and themes are handled by the writers. For instance, while Harry Potter is a story about a teenage boy who struggles against overwhelming odds to overcome incredible challenges in his life, Twilight is a story that centers around a girl whose life is only meaningful because she has a boyfriend.
The Harry Potter books also have more layered story lines, with many interesting main characters. The twilight idea took a few ideas and thats it. The twilight series revolves around a girl who is charmed by a vampire, and a vampire who is obsessed with the said girl. Harry Potter books have a few teenage love stories of their own, the most prominent of which is between the lead character, Harry Potter, and his long term love interest, Hermione.

Harry Potter Has More Socially Redeeming Themes
The thematic leanings Harry Potter offers are also considered more socially redeeming. For instance, while the Hermione character is strong, loyal, and independent; the leading female character in Twilight, Bella, does not demonstrate this kind of strength and personal resolve. Every step of the way, she has to depend on male characters as she is portrayed as weak and dependent.
In a world where girls are learning that they can be independent, strong, and capable of making in life without depending on anyone, Twilight’s portrayal of girls as weak does not sit well with many people. Even if there are some strong female characters in the Twilight series, the fact that the lead is a push over gives Harry Potter a huge advantage over the Twilight series.

Immense popularity is something both Twilight and Harry Potter books and films enjoy, especially among teenagers. But in many ways, the Harry Potter books and films seem to have won more favor with fans and critics than their Twilight alternatives. Nevertheless, both of them are quite entertaining, which is why many people around the world enjoy them. While the quality of the two works might be up for debate, the entertainment value both offer is not, if their fame is anything to go by.…

Harry Potter or Twilight, who is the favourite?


Which series is better? The Magical World of Harry Potter or the Vampire Series Twilight? Today we will specifically discuss which one is better…Eclipse from the Twilight series or Deathly Hallows from the Harry Potter collection Let’s see what critics, the fans, are saying about both popular films.

For those not familiar with Eclipse, the series was written by Stefanie Meyer and it was released back in 2010. It was the fourth novel in the series, preceded by ?Twilight? first, then ?New Moon? and after that, Breaking Dawn?. Eclipse continues the saga of Bella and Edward as they decide which colleges they wish to attend. In the meantime, Jacob and his werewolf pack continue to make their rounds and of course, this concerns Edward. He is afraid that Jacob is after Bella, but she insists the two are just friends. At the same time all of this is going on, the city of Seattle is being plagued by a series of murders and it’s later learned these murders are being committed by a pack of newborn vampires. It seems as though there is a lot going on in Eclipse and it’s difficult to follow the characters. The film isn’t just limited to Bella, Edward and Jacob. There’s also Seth, Victoria and Alice. These three characters have minor roles in the film, which Bella, Edward and Jacob have the three leading roles throughout the entire series.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
Many, if not all of us have read the Harry Potter books. Written by British author, J.K. Rowling, this series follows Harry, Ron and Hermione as they come of age, literally, at Hogwarts. Honestly, they grow up right before our eyes. Deathly Hallows is seventh in the series that goes like this one: ? ?The Philosopher’s Stone Two: The Chamber of Secrets Three: The Prisoner of Azkaban Four: The Goblet of Fire Five: The Order of the Phoenix Six: The Half-Blood Prince Seven: The Deathly Hallows, I and II.

If you’re not up to speed with the series, it follows Harry throughout adolescence as he goes from boy to man. While growing up Harry learns he is the only wizard that somehow managed to survive a Killing Curse. Harry’s parents were murdered by the curse by Lord Voldemort who attempted to kill Harry as in infant. He wasn’t successful. It would take too long to discuss the entire series, so we’ll jump to Deathly Hallows and tell you a little bit about it.

The Deathly Hallows happen to be three magical objects that are the focus of this part of the series. These objects include: An unbeatable wand, a stone that brings the dead to life, and a cloak of invisibility. If all three objects are owned by just one person, they give that person a mastery of sorts, over death. The objects are passed around throughout the book and the film and they eventually end up in the hands of Harry himself. He inherits the cloak from his father, James, the stone was bequeathed by Dumbledore and the wand was passed down from Draco Malfoy who won it after the passing of Dumbledore. When Eclipse was first released back in 2010, it held the lead at the box office. In June of that year it grossed $72.7 million dollars, and that was just on opening day! It made $709 million dollars around the world which made it the largest single day opening in history! It is also the twelfth highest opening weekend film in the United States, making $142, 839, 137.

Deathly Hallows was released later in 2010, on November 10. Let’s see how the numbers compare: On opening day, Deathly Hallows: Part I brought in $125 million dollars, considerably less than the opening day of Eclipse. Domestically the film made $295,983 while internationally it made $664,300, for an overall total of $960,283.

Looking at it from a money perspective, it’s obvious that the fans have spoken. They enjoyed Eclipse much more than they liked Deathly Hallows: Part I, but wait, there’s more..what about Deathly Hallows: Part II? Deathly Hallows: Part II made $400 million in just five days! Overall, the film made $1.342 billion dollars, worldwide. Combine that with the earnings of Part I and you have more than $2 million dollars in earnings. If you look at it from just the release of Deathly Hallows: Part I, then Eclipse appears to be the most popular film. If you add in the earnings of Part II, then it appears as though Harry Potter was enjoyed a lot more than Eclipse. Other blockbuster movies or series have made billion of dollars! They became so big that software systems such as Microgaming got inspired and adapted some of these to online casino games! The most famous are probably Terminator, Game of Thrones or Jurassic World. You can find these games through sites such as luckycasinocanada.

It’s hard to compare the two however, because there was no sequel to Eclipse, it was the last book in Twilight Series. If there had been a follow up to Eclipse, would it have surpassed Harry Potter? The world may never know, but it appears the fans have had their say!…