Month: August 2018

Harry Potter by J. K Rowling : Our Book Reviews


The Harry Potter books are incredibly popular; and so are the Twilight books. But many people tend to argue that the two franchises are popular for two very different reasons. For instance, although the two book series center around teenagers and fantasy magical powers, Harry Potter is generally considered the more compelling literary accomplishment. But since both are highly popular teen fantasy series, it is worth taking a closer look at how the two book franchises compare.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer vs Harry Potter by J. K Rowling : Our Book Reviews

Harry Potter Gets More Positive Reviews
The thematic depth in the Harry Potter series, although its popularity is comparable to that of the Twilight series, has often made it earn more critical acclaim. However, one thing is true of both Twilight and Harry Potter – both have vast fan bases. It is just that Twilight seems to have a greater number of critics in comparison to Harry Potter. Make sure you read many reviews before picking up your book(s). Reading reviews is nowadays very easy as these are available everywhere and for any type of products, activities and more. You can even find online casino reviews. In its article, onlinecasinoreviewscanada review grand mondial casino for example. Take a look and see what a good review is!

Harry Potter Has a Stronger Story
Major issues affecting how the books are perceived are evident in the way certain characters and themes are handled by the writers. For instance, while Harry Potter is a story about a teenage boy who struggles against overwhelming odds to overcome incredible challenges in his life, Twilight is a story that centers around a girl whose life is only meaningful because she has a boyfriend.
The Harry Potter books also have more layered story lines, with many interesting main characters. The twilight idea took a few ideas and thats it. The twilight series revolves around a girl who is charmed by a vampire, and a vampire who is obsessed with the said girl. Harry Potter books have a few teenage love stories of their own, the most prominent of which is between the lead character, Harry Potter, and his long term love interest, Hermione.

Harry Potter Has More Socially Redeeming Themes
The thematic leanings Harry Potter offers are also considered more socially redeeming. For instance, while the Hermione character is strong, loyal, and independent; the leading female character in Twilight, Bella, does not demonstrate this kind of strength and personal resolve. Every step of the way, she has to depend on male characters as she is portrayed as weak and dependent.
In a world where girls are learning that they can be independent, strong, and capable of making in life without depending on anyone, Twilight’s portrayal of girls as weak does not sit well with many people. Even if there are some strong female characters in the Twilight series, the fact that the lead is a push over gives Harry Potter a huge advantage over the Twilight series.

Immense popularity is something both Twilight and Harry Potter books and films enjoy, especially among teenagers. But in many ways, the Harry Potter books and films seem to have won more favor with fans and critics than their Twilight alternatives. Nevertheless, both of them are quite entertaining, which is why many people around the world enjoy them. While the quality of the two works might be up for debate, the entertainment value both offer is not, if their fame is anything to go by.…