Harry Potter or Twilight, who is the favourite?

The two hit films of the year for all ages go head to head in our original and fun comparison tool. Twilight has been the hit movie of the year, thanks to a host of heart throbs for both boys and girls and an exciting story line which paints vampires in a whole new light. Harry Potter on the other hand has been around for over 10 years, and has developed into a 6 movie mega franchise, with books translated into every language imaginable.

Use our tool to find out whether Harry Potter or Twilight is the most searched about topic on the Internet on any given day. Find out whether it's the tales of sorcery in Harry Potter, or the stories of friendly vampires in Twilight that is leading the rankings on the Internet.

UPDATE: There is a Harry Potter Marathon being hosted by up and coming free lotto site, iLotto.com, being held in West London. It is invite only so those lucky enough to attend let us all know what it was like! Apparently the event is being funded by a Casino UK - I wonder which one.


Twilight vs Potter

Which film will make more?
Which film do you think will be making the most money at the box office? The final Harry Potter film - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, OR Twilight: Breaking Dawn? we think it will be rather a close call. It's hard to tell which one will be the most popular. We mentioned the Harry Potter slot machine before but now I wonder if there will be a Twilight one in the making. It's with checking the online casino sites to find out as you wouldn't want to miss this one!.
Final Twilight Film!
Does anyone have any idea when the final Twilight film is released!? Now that there's no Harry Potter films left we are dying to know! I've taken to playing at online casino sites to fill in my time!.
Twilight star gets busted
Rumour has it that one of the cast in the new Twilight film got busted playing online slots in Spain while they were on the tour to promote the movie. Who could it be? Rob, Kristin? Taylor!? We would LOVE to find out who is a fan of the casino online.
Harry Potter Slot Machine?
Could it be true? The magic is spreading to German online casino Casino Classic as well as French casino en ligne Golden Tiger Casino. Rumors have been circulating at Hogwarts that a Harry Potter themed slot machine is in the works and it will be bringing some magical gameplay to online casino lovers. Luxury Casino have expressed interest that one of their French casinos en ligne and a German online casino would as well be interested in the game. Once the game will be released you would be able to find it under the section online casino spiele in the German casino.

There has also been talk of Swedish online casino and Norwegian casino, Casino Action, is in talks with Twilight producers about creating a themed online video slot in the same style as the fantastically popular Tomb Raider slot machines by Microgaming. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to the online casino industry so there is no doubt that Twilight fans will be pleased. Check back here for the release date of this much anticipated video slot.

Eclipse coming to cinemas soon - Twilight News
With the much anticipated release of the third instalment of the Twilight Saga, it's time for all those vampire lovers out there to purchase their tickets for the midnight screening!! Wondering what to do while you wait until the clock strikes twelve? It's rumoured that some innovative theatres in the US are offering free casino games and entertainment before the show. You can play video games, wii-games and slot games at a casino online and more!! What a way to build the anticipation, right!??

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
This is it. The last Harry Potter movie is out and fans are running into the cinemas to see it. Many were disappointed that the last book was split into two movies and that they had to wait another year before they could see very anticipated final. As expected in the Deathly Hallow" harry and Co finally take on the dark lord. Will good win over bad? To find out you will either have to read the book or watch the last movie. For all who cannot wait and want to get into the right mood already can try lots of Potter games. Rumours are out that there will be a great Harry Potter casino game soon!